Trike Series

Custom Harley Davidson Trike Wheels 18" x 17"

The majestic SMT Machining wheels for Harley Davidson Trike models. One feature that sets our trike rims apart from the rest is the fact that we turn each wheel blank specifically with either a motorcycle tire profile or an automotive tire profile giving you the safest choice when it comes to tire options.  These Harley Davidson trike wheels are made to match every single SMT Machining wheel design. The wheel center features a smooth aluminum hub cap that is engraved with SMT Machining and is pocketed for the lug nuts. Matching rotors and air cleaner are also available to complete your custom look! Made in the U.S.A. Finish and structural Lifetime Warranty!

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Custom Harley Davidson Trike Wheels 20" x 7"

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